Sunday, August 26, 2007

August 25, 2007 - MV

I kayaked from the Edgartown side of State Beach to the big bridge and back. It was a little hairy, the fog was thick and the wind was blowing out hard. At one point I let myself get too far out and thankfully there were plenty of cars going along the beach road to allow me to see how to get back.

I decided to hug the shore a little more, staying between the beach and at most twenty-to-thirty yards outside of the buoys.

About halfway to the bridge there were fish jumping everywhere. They were either bonito or bluefish. My fly was snapped off by whatever they were along the shore. I caught a nice bluefish at the bridge. All fish and hits were on a black deceiver on shooting-head line.

Overall, a great experience, aside from the fog and wind.

Friday, August 24, 2007

August 24, 2007 - MV

The fishing the past few days has been tough. The best results have been in the morning at my favorite State Beach spots, although I have been skunked, too. A floating sand eel on intermediate line has produced fish.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday morning, August 16, 2007 MV

The water's super warm.

I went out around 5:00 to my favorite spot along State Beach. There were fish breaking the surface, but surprisingly the Striper Crack wasn't producing ... a rare occurrence. I persisted to no avail and then decided to switch it up. I put on a floating sand eel and let it drift inside. I hooked and landed two immediately, with one of decent size (22 - 24 inches). The same rig may be the best way to start tomorrow's hunt.

Saw an awesome sunrise, too!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007 on MV

I went out on a guided boat to the shoals between MV and Nantucket.

The first shoal that we fished only produced a couple of strikes (and landings). We stayed for about a half an hour before the guide decided to move on to the next shoal. Good thing that we did! The next shoal was loaded w/ bluefish. In every wave that was breaking on the shoal, you could see eight or more darting bluefish. And that's only the fish that you could see and there were waves breaking all around the shoals. We literally caught a bluefish every cast for three and a half hours. There were so few casts where we did not hook up that the misses were insignificant. All of the fish were in the 5-7 lb range, with a few bigger (and smaller) ones. I was hauling them in on spin tackle and a fly road (I switched to spin tackle once in a while only because the person I was with had to come to my side of the boat to land the fish). In total, the person I was with and I caught approximately 80 blues. Unbelievable!