Monday, May 30, 2011

Martha's Vineyard - Memorial Day weekend 2011

Had a great weekend w/ the family. Took the kids fishing at Edgartown lighthouse beach and Menemsha. Ended up catching several scup at the lighthouse (at the tip casting beyond the dropoff) and taugtog (sp?) at Menemsha (in the channel).

I ended up going fly fishing one night, hitting my favorite spots on the out-going tide. Although I only fished the little bridge, they've completely renovated both the big and little bridges, taking away all the pilings. I was concerned that the fishing wouldn't be good, w/ little to no ambush spots for the stripers. I was proven somewhat wrong, taking a 28" on a half-and-half. The fight started off light, making me think it was on the smaller size, but then it went into a full on tug-of-war. Not a bad way to start the season!