Monday, June 27, 2011

June 26 - Ammonoosuc River, Lower Falls

As part of a day trip to New Hampshire to look at houses, I snuck off to the Lower Falls w/ the boys for a little trout fishing. The pool just below the Falls is just jammed w/ trout. The kids were using worms and hooking up consistently. I decided to move to the opposite side of the pool, away from the trail that leads to it, and fly fished w/ a double-nymph setup. Multiple fish were visibly working in the current, grabbing anything that seemed to be coming along. I ended up hooking up almost at will w/ the nymphing setup. All the fish were brook trout, some of decent size. It was great, until the warden showed up (and I didn't have a day license!).

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lower Ammonoosuc Falls, Carroll, NH - Sunday June 19, 2011

Fished the Lower Falls for the first time.

We arrived around 3:30 and were able to spend about an hour and a half fishing.

The scenery and weather were phenomenal.

There were a couple of people fishing in the large pool at the bottom of the Falls, so I decided to fish the run just beyond the pool's tailout. I caught a brookie and a very nice rainbow on the first few casts. I fished two-nymph setup, both w/ green flash. The brookie took the smaller dropper nymph and the rainbow the march larger.

The run below the tailout is ~50+ yards long, emptying into a second large pool. I ended up moving downstream to the second pool pretty quickly, getting no action on the double-nymph setup. I noticed a lot of surface action in the shade and decided to switch to a small BWO dry fly. It ended up being a good move, as I was consistently getting a strike on almost every drift. They were small fish, all brookies, but a lot of fun! I'm convinced that if I'd stayed through last light, the bigger fish would have moved in. I wish I could have stayed, maybe next time.

What a great way to spend Father's Day!