Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Memorial Day 2006 on Martha's Vineyard

I caught ~30 schoolies (and missed several more) at Lobsterville one night. None of the fish were bigger than 22 inches. The action didn't start until 8:30'ish PM. The same night I went in search of a "big" fish, going straight to my favorite spot along State Beach. I landed a 25 inch on the first cast. And, a few casts later had a very sizable fish on. The fish was taking line at will, even out of my hand when I had a good grip on the line. Unfortunately, it popped off after about a half-a-minute to a minute run, even though I set the hook well. Just one of those unfortunate things.

All of the fish were caught on a sand eel that was ordered special delivery from a fly-tier in Maine.