Sunday, August 26, 2007

August 25, 2007 - MV

I kayaked from the Edgartown side of State Beach to the big bridge and back. It was a little hairy, the fog was thick and the wind was blowing out hard. At one point I let myself get too far out and thankfully there were plenty of cars going along the beach road to allow me to see how to get back.

I decided to hug the shore a little more, staying between the beach and at most twenty-to-thirty yards outside of the buoys.

About halfway to the bridge there were fish jumping everywhere. They were either bonito or bluefish. My fly was snapped off by whatever they were along the shore. I caught a nice bluefish at the bridge. All fish and hits were on a black deceiver on shooting-head line.

Overall, a great experience, aside from the fog and wind.


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