Sunday, September 12, 2010

Martha's Vineyard - September 12, 2010

I decided to sign up for my first Martha's Vineyard Striper and Bluefish Derby, which started this morning at 12:01am and runs for six weeks. We went the weigh station yesterday to look at the grand prizes, an Eastern boat for the shore and a pickup for the boat winners. Someone was touching the boat and I told them, "feel free to touch my boat, but don't scratch it!".

I got up at 3:30am and went straight to Lobsterville Beach. Nothing doing there and I noticed a lot of vehicles coming from the Lobsterville side of Menemsha. I hadn't fished the West Basin in several years, but figured it was worth a shot, especially given the long drive.

The channel was overflowing w/ bait and bass were slamming the surface. After putting in my time there, w/ no luck competing against so much natural bait, I went to the Basin, on the outside of the jetty. I ended up hooking up one, a smallish one, but at least I broke the ice.

By the time I left at ~6:30am, the fisherman were lining up along the beach. My guess is in hopes of the albies (false albacore) showing up. There were several kayaks cruising the outside of the jetties and beach, too.

I visited Coop's Bait and Tackle yesterday to sign up. Someone had just come in to deliver his 'special' flies for the derby. I got a good look at them (all the same) before he scurried them away and fortunately I have some flies that are very similar, in color, size and profile (the same fly I broke the ice w/).

Unfortunately, I have to go back to work tomorrow, but I'll be here next Friday to give it try #2! The boat will be mine.


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