Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Zero G 9-weight Tip-flex

After waiting for the Zero G 2-piece 9 weight tip-flex to go on sale from Orvis, it finally happened a couple of months back. I was fairly confident that it would, given that Orvis has been putting so much marketing into the Helios version and they're, like everyone else, getting out of the 2-piece game (a bad decision from my perspective ... I much prefer less pieces than the easier-t0-travel-with trend of the 4+ piece phenomenon.).

I had my first chance to break in the new rod this past weekend and it is a great piece of hardware. I especially like the switch to a tip flex. My other rod is a T3 9-weight mid-flex 2-piece which is an excellent rod, too, but I really like the stiffness of the tip-flex and the power it generated. The downside is that an equivalent fish felt substantially larger on the mid-flex rod than the tip-flex, but I'm not going back :-).


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