Thursday, May 31, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend 2007 on MV

I did the usual route each night, including my favorite spot on State Beach and Lake Tashmoo. Although, I added Vineyard Haven harbor to my route after going there w/ the kids during the day and noticing several spots that looked very promising. Thankfully for my Friday night fishing tour that I did, as I landed a solid 26" striper that saved my night. The following night I landed several at Lake Tashmoo and twice as many on State Beach. All were schoolies, including the smallest striper of my life (must have been 10"), except for one that was solidly in the mid 20 inches. The bigger fish was great fun, as it attacked the fly when it hit it at the surface. The best luck that night at State Beach happened at the very end of the out going tide. All of the fish were taken on the striper crack fly.


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