Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Martha's Vineyard - Memorial Day 2008

I spent a few nights fishing there this weekend.

In general, it was slow, but I did manage to catch a few fish.

The first night was brief (I arrived late) and consisted of a stint at Vineyard Haven harbor and the little bridge. The harbor had a decent number of sand eels and I managed to take one small striper on a black deceiver. I also had a significant strike at the little bridge on a white deceiver.

The second night was a bust. I definitely put in my time and the tides were against me, running into a slack tides everywhere ... tashmoo, VH harbor, East beach and the little bridge.

The last night I decided to go to Lobsterville. A good decision, based on a visit to Coop's earlier in the day, although he did say it was hit or miss. I took a couple of nice fish, including one in the 26 inch range. Both fish were taken on a black deceiver, which I switched to after trying a floating sand eel and other small bait imitations.

I didn't see any notable surface action at Lobsterville, but you can tell that it's about to explode!


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