Friday, February 04, 2005

Martha's Vineyard - Striper Man

In the heat of the summer when the fishing was slow at other spots, I'd always give the Oak Bluffs pier a shot. The bass were never that big, but the lights on the pier were kept on all night and always attracted some schoolies.

I ended up at the pier late one night right when the bars were closing, casting my "can't miss" sand-eel on a floating line to the schoolies that were smashing the bait on the surface right below the lights. At low tide, you can wade in a good distance, allowing you to cast to the end of the pier. The action on this particular night was decent, resulting in some consistent hook-ups. As I was casting away, I heard a commotion on the pier. I looked up to watch a woman who'd obviously been having a good time that night, hop the fence while trying to persuade her boyfriend to follow her, strip off the majority of her clothes, and dive in! And yes, right where I was fishing. She splashed around and then started to come my way. She paddled to about ten feet from me and said, "Hey Striper Man, how's the fishing?". She proceeded to let me know that there were bigger fish at this and that location.

Well, you never know where the advice will come! I just had to laugh. She had slowed the fishing at that moment, but the entertainment value was worth it.

FYI, they shut the lights off on the pier after the last ferry now. Maybe there was too much advice being given out :-)!


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