Friday, January 21, 2005

Martha's Vineyard - amnesia

I had just arrived on the Vineyard and was itching to go fishing. I immediately went to my favorite bait and tackle shop to ask the proprietor where the action was? He mentioned a couple spots on my regular route. As I perused the flies in the back of his shop, I overheard him ask one of the locals who was hanging out at the front of the store, why does everyone come in and ask where the best fishing is?

My initial reaction was to get angry. Part of his business is to impart up-to-date fishing reports to the clientele. I may not be a local, but I am a frequent visitor and have laid down a significant amount of "coin" in the shop! I calmed myself down fairly quickly. Over the years I have come to know the proprietor well enough to know that 70% of the time he's very helpful and friendly, 25% of the time he's cranky and 5% of the time he's really cranky. Today he was the latter.

Let's face it, even though the proprietor knows me, I don't expect him to give up his hotspot(s) du jour. Why should he? To be fair, I rarely tell him exactly where I was when we relive my triumphs.

Maybe we're both suffering from a case of amnesia.


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