Wednesday, January 12, 2005

On the Run, An Angler's Journey Down the Striper Coast, David DiBenedetto

Another interesting and worthwhile read.

Fly fishing for stripers accounts for the majority of my fishing exploits. And, being mainly an east coast and New England fisherperson, I've fished many of the spots identified in this book. My first striper was taken at the mouth of the Kennebeck and I've met the Kennebeck guides mentioned in the book. The book includes stories from the Vineyard, where the majority of my striper fishing and by far my favorite place to fish for stripers is. As is well known and documented in the book, the number of stripers and keepers is on the rise. This fall (mid October) on the Vineyard, I caught a keeper every time I fished!

My guage for the value of any non-fiction book is, did I learn something? On The Run passes my litmus test ... it identifies a couple of new spots to try. I have my personal favorites on the Vineyard, but am always on the hunt for new ones.

My tip for the Vineyard: Orvis half-and-halfs (must be white or mostly white), with a deceiver as a backup (Larry's has the best) and sand eels (Coop's hand-tied are the best).


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