Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Gone Fishin', William G. Tapply

Interesting and worthwhile read!

I wish I read this book before my last year's trip to the Catskills/Delaware River. I remember finding a feeding trout in the middle of the day, just as he describes, hugged against the bank. I tried casting to it from the side, wading in the water. Based on his recommendation and the "you have one shot" theory, I wish I had used his technique and stocked the fish from behind, guaging the fish's feeding cadence. I must have made twenty casts to the fish from the side and, unknown to me because I didn't continue to see the fish feeding, the fish most likely was spooked just from my walk to get to the side of it. C'est la vie. Live and learn.

I also never thought to use a Stimulator as a hopper imitation...Good tip. I don't completely agree with his top-10 list, but am determined to give the foam beetle a try.

Tapply's description of Roscoe and the Beaverkill brought back great memories. Painter's Pool is always loaded with big browns. But, if you want to truely guage your trout fishing abilities, the Delaware is the true test. The trout of the Delaware are native and all are experienced, unlike the heavily stocked Beaverkill.

Still trying to figure out his secret stream near his house. At one point, he must have lived in Concord, MA because he mentions Waldon Pond and Whites Pond. I'm guessing it's the little stream in Weston, but it's just a guess.


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