Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Lobersterville Beach - Late May, 2005

So much for my theory regarding seeing or hearing the fish!

Except for catching a keeper, I had an hour and a half of fishing of a lifetime, literally catching a striper at least every other cast.

As usual in late May/early June, the beach was packed with fisherpeople, both fly fishing and spin casting. I arrived about an hour before sunset and decided to walk a little way up the beach to separate from the first mass of people. First cast, BANG!, a fortuitous start. And from that point on for the next hour and a half, I hammered them.

I had no idea if the other people down the beach were having any luck until the person closest to me (and his girlfriend) walked down the beach to inspect what I was doing. Unknowningly, I gleefully stated that I've been hooking up consistently. You could hear the frustration in his voice when he said, "We know, we've been watching!".

Turns out that he was using a sand eel, too (on a floating line). But, he noticed that my version was a little bigger, not length but girth. Ironically when I was at Coop's earlier that day, I picked out that particular fly because it was a little different from the rest ... just got lucky, I guess. And who said that size doesn't matter! Not me.


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